What is Chain Reaction? Scientists visit our school We put together scientific posters

Our philosophy

We get students actively engaged and arouse their curiosity with interdisciplinary and research based materials. We let them explore natural settings and solve real problems using real up-to-date evidence and data before we build their scientific literacy.

We let our students make mistakes; They are part of the learning process. They are told that information is not a crime. We encourage them to ask more questions, we don't tell them what to do - we guide them by asking more questions. We follow a plan to coordinate them without being prescriptive.

We are there for you

Our team is eager to provide support and guidance with implementing iBSE in class. We will :

  • provide teachers and students with starting materials
  • visit your school and speak to your students
  • give seminars and support material
  • lend state of the art instruments on request
  • set up open access webinars for you
  • show you what it takes to re-design and make your own lesson inquiry based
  • share with you what other teachers’ think of our IBSE lessons

Get started

Our students learn first hand what it means to be a scientist; they also evaluate societal problems and take a critical stance towards real-life problems. All we do is make it personal for them. They will not just do chemistry experiments. They will solve real problems. That is why, when we get them involved we send an email, say from NASA or the Department of Chemistry from a local University and ask them to chip in!

Have a look at our starting materials and read the general notes on the main philosophy of IBSE before you start! But please be aware that the outcome of students’ research is not predetermined; you might encounter many challenges but we promise you will find the whole experience rewarding!

Welcome to Chain Reaction

Critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills - students from 14-16 work together to research scientific scenarios.