The Chain Reaction Project

Chain Reaction is a three-year project funded by the European Commission. It aims to develop Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) across twelve partner countries. The project will provide interactive and engaging IBSE professional development to teacher education professionals from each participating country using tried and tested inquiry based science resources. Participating teachers will in turn be briefed through a dedicated course in each partner country. Once fully confident with the IBSE approach encouraged by Chain Reaction the participating teachers will deliver a series of exciting and student- focussed lessons which explore research-based projects.

Using critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills, students in the 14-16 age groups work together to research scientific scenarios. Their work is summarised in presentations that are shared at national student celebration events. These annual national events take place in each partner country and will celebrate science and the work completed by the students. The student presentations encourage students to detail the inquiry processes they engaged in and share findings whilst being creative and imaginative through their presentations.

The national events also engage practising scientists (early year science professionals or PhD students) who act as role models for the school students and share their work to inform and encourage young people to consider science related careers.  Three international conferences follow the national conferences and showcase the work of selected school students from each partner country.

The project also provides a strong and sustainable IBSE framework both for teacher educators and for teachers, along with resources tailored to each partner's individual cultural and curricular needs. Science teachers are able to build their knowledge and skills, learning independently as well as being part of a wider teacher network. Chain Reaction is rooted in problem solving and inquiry based learning principles, aiming to actively involve students in their science studies, and enable them to experience the excitement and challenges of experimental and investigative science.


Chain Reaction - What is Chain Reaction from Chain Reaction Gr on Vimeo.