The science ‘Role Models’ are likely to be early-career practising scientists or PhD students, as deemed appropriate by individual partners. The inclusion of Role Models in the Chain Reaction project provides students with an opportunity to meet with practicing scientists and to learn from them in an interactive and informal context. These sessions are intended to give students not just a first-hand opportunity to learn from scientists, but also an insight into the varied career paths available in science.

The Role Models act as impartial experts during the National and International Express Yourself events. On a national level they decide which group of students will go to the international celebration event, where they will issue special commendations. Teachers attending the events with their students are also encouraged to network with the Role Models. This aims to actively promote future interactions between schools and the Role Model scientists, with a view to future collaborations and school visits taking place. Role Models would also be encouraged to feed back to the teachers on the students’ work and achievements.