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Postby graf » Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:31 pm

Welcome, to the International Teacher Forum of the Chain Reaction Project.
We're really happy and proud, to give you the teachers the opportunity to come together in this Forum and collaborate on the IBSE Projects you are currently working on.
Maybe you are looking for partners for one of the projects like collision course. Maybe you have an idea of having your students collaborate via the Internet. Maybe you are looking for a partner school for an entirely different purpose - you are warmly invited to do so!

To make this Forum a little bit cosier - we would like you to introduce yourself - if possible including a small picture of you! And answer one or more of the following questions (no need to answer all!).

What is your name?

What do you look like - do you have a picture to upload?

Write a bit about your favourite hobby!

What subjects are you teaching?

What books are you currently reading (if possible translate the title into English)?

What IBSE project are you and your class pursueing in Chain Reaction right now?

Thanks for sharing and welcome !!!
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Re: Welcome...

Postby ivetakascakova » Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:27 pm

My name is Iveta Kaščáková. I am from Banská Bystrica. I teach Maths, Physics and German.
I like skiing and reading books. Currently I am reading a book "An Analphabet, who could count" written by Jonas Jonasson.
My students are preparing an "Ozone Conference".
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Re: Welcome...

Postby janka.raganova » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:21 pm

gratulujem Ti, že si našla odvahu a predstavila si sa. A keď už si napísala o tej knihe, čítala si Čudná príhoda so psom uprostred noci? Je to matematické a motivujúce - aspoň ja som to tak vnímala. Odporúčam Tebe aj Tvojim žiakom. A teším sa, že sa ozvú aj ostatní kolegovia.
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